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LONEROCK is a new country band from Denmark. All of their songs are written and performed by the band, bringing together a generous dose of modern country music with a touch of rock and some good old Scandinavian songwriting. A strange cocktail? Not at all, as you will hear . . .

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The story of Lonerock began in 2006, when two musical brothers-in-arms, Erik Preetzmann and Frank Jensen,after a 20- year break, took up writing and producing music together again. With a handful of new song ideas, they headed to the studio, and together with Canadian writer Nancy Watson, they have worked intensively trying to find the right atmosphere and the right sound for their music. This let to a number of songs with catchy melodies and arrangements based on guitars, dobro, steel and mandolin.
During Spring 2008 the Lonerock line-up was joined by Ole Albrechtsen, who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention a beautiful steel guitar and dobro.
Everything was shaping up, when Anders Lampe and Thomas Beck; two extreamly gifted and talented Danish guitarists, began working with Lonerock, and work on the first demo recordings were now truly underway

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In the fall 2008 Lonerock decided to go public with its first few songs, and almost immediately the band caught attention from radiostations and DJ’s.
Besides from appearances in Danish National Radio and a lot of airplay on both national and international radiostations, Lonerock achieved four TOP 10 entries including one #1 entry on different internet portals during spring 2009.

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May 2011 Lonerock released their debut album; Down Moody Street, receiving lots of airplay on both Danish National Radio and local stations around the world.
11 songs with the characteristic Lonerock sound, and with a number of competent Danish and American musicians playing on the album, produced by the Danish top producer; Soren Jacobsen.

4. verse
The name Lonerock?
Watching a TV series on early settlers to the U.S. Pacific Northwest, one of the band members discovered the town of Lonerock tucked away at the end of a gravel road in a beautiful Oregonian valley.
A solitary place in a wide open country with a rough frontier edge, in fact and name it perfectly captured the country rock spirit of a band 5,000 miles away.

…and the chorus ?????
Well. . . the chorus is pretty much a repeated part of a song, so there's no chorus here. The guys of Lonerock aren't looking back just yet. We're writing and recording new songs at a furious pace and a lot of good stuff is on the way. So don't be a stranger — Come back and see us soon!